Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coppice Halifax - Halifaxian

Bringing you quite a different record this month with Halifaxian. 100% Coppice Halifax beats! Meant as both a DJ tool, to be used for seamlessly tying last year's Analog Botany series together in a live set, and also as an experiment in minimal electronics, following in the vein of things like Studio 1, Plastikman and Maurizio, but with a Halifaxian twist! You may recognize some of the breaks here from prior Halifax releases, which is intended, and it's the kind of record that a drum-machine nerd like myself might really appreciate. Loaded with groove and ready for the dancefloor, limited to 50!


Milieu - Reverb Microcoma (Part One)

From similar pastures as Bent Appletrees comes Reverb Microcoma, a solid little EP containing five new Milieu tracks that stroll down memory lane a little bit. Ever find yourself thinking "Man, Slow Lid Close is still fresh!" or "I wish there were more Milieu like this one from 2006"? Well wish no more! One could say that Reverb Microcoma is Milieu playing his hits, in that it could have easily come from 2006-2007. Also a fun time to pick out the very obvious influences here, with Mike & Rich all over "Appletree Beats" and Bochum Welt's basslines on "Sunlighter". Even the track "Coming Home" is probably the best fake Casino Vs. Japan track you'll ever find! Not without humor and limited to 50!


Brian Grainger - Entasis

Number two in the brand new Workingman's Drone series is Entasis, a thick and coagulating drone statement recorded using a similar approach to White Kingdoms. Wide open white-noise spaces with slowly pooling masses
of a rugged chord. Limited to 50!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Official Milieu Groop On Facebook

For those of you inhabiting the Facebook world who would like to stay in tune with Milieu projects, news, updates, releases and so on, I encourage you to join the official Milieu Facebook group. The group is open to the public, meaning anyone can join, and it will likely be updated pretty often due to me being on Facebook a lot.

Join in the fun!