Sunday, October 14, 2007

Help Milieu Get To Germany!

As you may or may not know, I'm scheduled to perform as Milieu at this year's Lab30 electronic music conference. I'll be flying to Augsburg, Germany on Tuesday, October 23rd, and will not fly home until Monday, October 29th. Thanks to the very kind folks organizing Lab30, my flight arrangements and hotel are taken care of for the duration of my visit, however, I could definitely use any financial help I can get to cover food, transportation, and any other incurred expenses like boarding my dog and parking our car at the Charlotte airport for a week! This show will be very special, and it's a big honor to be able to perform alongside such talented folks as Svarte Greiner, Kettel, Secede, Yagya and Yimino.

If you'd like to pass on any support, it's more than appreciated, and to
make it up to you, I promise that once I return from Germany, I'll send anyone who donates $5.00 USD or more something very special and super-exclusive.

Thanks for reading this, and even if you can't help me with any cash, just
wish me luck - that helps too!

The donation page is here:



Monday, October 1, 2007

2 New Releases Available

It's the first of October, and that means the Milieu shop has once again been updated to feature 2 brand new releases. Here they are:
Milieu - Three Space Songs

This is a 3" CD-R that consists of, you guessed it, three space songs. These were all recorded earlier this year, during the New Drugs sessions, but were intended for release toward the end of the year because they're a completely new direction for Milieu music. The breaks and basslines and organ sounds are all still there, only now, the main melodies and chord progressions of the songs are played entirely on guitars. Probably the most organic and live sounding Milieu release yet, this is exactly what you can expect Milieu records to start sounding like next year.

For MP3 clips and ordering info, click here: CLICK

Brian Grainger - Cursive Light

This record was actually previously Sun-Day 10. However, as the refining process sometimes goes with bigger projects, I decided to pull it from the set and make it it's own record instead. Why, you ask? Well, the reason being not because I don't like it, but that it contains speech throughout most of it's duration and I realized how much it really didn't work with the rest of Sun-Day. Musically it's composed of 4 longform organ and guitar drones, augmented by the sound of a Swami calmly leading you through a guided meditation called the "Divine Light Invocation", slightly manipulated of course. I found these recordings of the Swami on 2 LPs in a shop a couple years ago, and I've been in love with them ever since. This record would be an ideal for all those meditation junkies out there, or just people like me who dig falling asleep to things like this.

For MP3 clips and ordering info, click here: CLICK

Milieu Review In Italian Magazine

I received a copy of the Italian music magazine Rockarilla in the mail last week, and to my surprise, they gave a little blurb about my Wasted Magic In The Sound album at Archaic Horizon. 8 out of 10 too, not bad!

Thanks to Mirco for the nice words and for kindly sending me a copy of the mag. If anyone wants to read it in actual-size, just click the above image. It's in Italian though so unless you read Italian you may have some problems!