Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello everyone! I write you this first blog post from my new studio, Botany Bay (also hereafter potentially referred to as 124SSR), which resides in the upper floor of my new home. No doubt, many of you have been asking yourselves...where is Brian anyway? Wasn't he moving or something? Why isn't there a Milieu mailer for the month of April? Wait, where the hell IS my previous order already? (and other questions) and hopefully this post will clear all the proverbial fog.
First of all, I've been off the radar since the first week of March, mostly due to our cat Basil passing away. Most of you probably know we were battling a lymphoma right next to his little stomach, preventing him from eating much. After he'd lost some teeth and even more weight, and it looked like the only option he had left as a feeding tube, we made the tough decision to put him to sleep. After this happened, I announced Recycled Plastics along with the month's new releases, and literally a couple weeks later, we finally closed on our new house, which we'd been under contract for since November, waiting on some repairs to be done.
Pictured above is a shot from a sunny, spring day in the backyard of our new place. We've really lucked out with this was built in 1983, and sits comfortably under a canopy of greenery, nestled deep within a quiet neighborhood similar to the one in Pete & Pete. At night, there are so few streetlights that you'd swear you were living in the countryside, it's so dark. My new studio space is about twice the size of my previous one at 114RKD, which is ideal due to the amount of gear I now possess as well as the usual office-related stuff I have to have room for with the label and all that.
So anyway, as great as the house is, moving has been a real pain. It took us forever to get most of our basic stuff in here, and we're still not done bringing it all over yet, and to top it all off, a couple days after we finished painting, I got sick. The whole office/studio was in boxes and unusable for about 3 or 4 weeks, thus delaying all outstanding orders considerably. Many of you have emailed me about your orders, and to all of you: Thanks for being so patient!
I can proudly report that all but 10 or so boxes have been shipped out now, and those remaining are out tomorrow. All of you should be receiving your packages, weather and customs willing, very soon. Oh and also, to those of you who ordered the Workingman's Drone box, either empty or filled - be on the lookout for TWO boxes (that is if you ordered other items as well) since the WD boxes don't fit in my normal corrugated mailers, I had to send them as a separate parcel.
Beyond all that, I wanted to post a little blurb here about my recent appearance on the outstanding dub techno compilation Futur[e]cho, over at Cold Fiction. I've had tracks feature on lots of comps by now, and I really must say this is one of the finest - and it's free! My track is a Coppice Halifax humid ambient dance thing called "Royal Acre", which some of you may remember from the recent Vapor Acre cassette at Wil Ru (which is nearly sold out by the way!). It kicks off the record and from there, it just gets better and better. The closing track by Fingers In The Noise is probably my favorite, and I've since checked out all of his other releases and have been quite happy! Go download this!
Anyway, thanks again to all of you who have been continually awesome, supportive, patient and generous with me - I should be back on track now so I hope you all enjoyed the break! Time for music overload in 3...2....

Kirk Out

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