Friday, June 5, 2009

First Post In Forever

So I have seriously neglected to update this space since returning from San Francisco. The trip was certainly exhausting but not THAT exhausting! Needless to say a lot has transpired since then so I think the best way to get everything caught up at once is a bulleted list!

  • EEDCD-09 / SEAS / SEAS CD-R in swivel-case released at EED (Already Sold Out!)
  • EEDLP-01 / SEAS / SEAS 12" Vinyl LP released at EED
  • MU01 / Brian Grainger & Ophibre / #3 (Split 40m Cassette) released at Mirror Universe
  • MMD005 / Milieu / Brittle Paper Cathedrals CD-R
  • MML056 / Brian Grainger / A White Light In The Woods 3" CD-R
  • AB4 / Coppice Halifax / Falling Ovals 3" CD-R
  • ABX1 / Coppice Halifax / Scarlet Cmx 3" CD-R
  • GS6.5 / Brian Grainger/German Shepherd/MOTH/Millipede / Traveling CD-R released at Sunrise Acoustics
  • CO_RD 02 / Silverhome / Wendesel (30m Cassette) released at CO_RD Tapes
  • AB5 / Coppice Halifax / Southland Mirror 3" CD-R
  • MML057 / Milieu / Dialogue Five 3" CD-R
  • MML058 / Milieu / Live At 114RKD CD-R
  • AB6 / Coppice Halifax / Cinnamon Smoke 3" CD-R
  • AB7 / Coppice Halifax / Pine Yellow 3" CD-R
  • MML059 / Milieu / Leaves Painted Purple CD-R
  • MML059B / Milieu / Leaves Painted Purple (Limited Edition Cassette)
  • PILL-N2 / Brian Grainger / Winter Triptych 3" CD-R released at SSR
  • PILL-O2 / Brian Grainger / Sunken Swamp Wisdoms 3" CD-R released at SSR
  • SSRO-13 / Brian Grainger / Naked Sound Seven (Free Download) released at SSR
Last but not least is the massive announcement of MILIEU MUSIC DIGITAL! You read that right! Milieu Music has finally gone digital. Starting now, you will be able to purchase both new and out-of-print releases in high-quality 320 KBPS MP3 file format for a low price. Each purchase comes with high-resolution printable album artwork and you can rest assured that 100% of your purchase goes straight to Milieu Music. No middlemen taking an enormous cut, no big companies, no adverts, no spam. Support the music you love the independent way!

All music is of course DRM-free, and what would a launch announcement be without NEW EXCLUSIVE STUFF? In addition to over 30 titles from the MM catalog now being available digitally, there are also THREE brand-new titles: an epic 2CD set of reconstructions from Brian Grainger & John-Paul Kramer, a brutal new Brian Grainger EP called "Oubliette" and a beautiful VCV live set from the SSR archives. Check it out!