Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Milieu - Blue White Nights (Free Xmas EP)

MMC001 / 2008

Here comes a funky melodic six-tracker of Milieu doing (that’s right) Christmas songs! Don’t worry, no sign of the tunes you’re scratching your eyeballs out over here, all of the tunes are totally original except “Frostee” which is a funky rework of “Frosty The Snowman”. This EP is A FREE DOWNLOAD, as my personal gift to everyone who has put up with reading these incessant emails all year long. See? I told you there would be surprises! So go grab the EP, have some eggnog, and don’t stay up too late…or else you-know-who might not show up to fill those stockings! He doesn’t like being seen from what I hear…kinda like Jandek! Only…bearded and jolly and full of fun gifts instead of dissonant chords. Right. Don’t know where I was trying to go with that.

ANYWAY, as you can tell I am certifiably insane this time of year, so please put me out of my so-called misery and enjoy this EP. You can get it here:


The zipfile contains 192 KBPS MP3 files and a hi-res version of the album art, for printing if you like. Of course, I am aware a lot of you here absolutely hate MP3s (or at least have little to no use for them) and so if any one of you must have a hard-copy version of this for your collection, or if you want it for the lossless sound quality, or if you just want to buy one to have for next year’s festivities, just drop me a reply to this message. I do not intend on making any hard copies available on a public scale, so rest assured if anyone wants a copy, these will be the pinnacle of handmade homemade goodness, made to order just the way you like.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Round The Bend: VCV Plays Jandek

Some of you reading my blogs here may be interested to know that my band with David Tagg (VCV) has just released a new album of nine instrumental Jandek covers. The album is called ROUND THE BEND and has been officially approved by Corwood Industries themselves. This is VCV's first factory-pressed CD, lovingly done up in an eco-wallet style printed cardstock sleeve with black and white Corwood-style photography and a deep blue CD.

Musically, this record covers a lot of territory that some of you may be surprised to hear me involved in - 20 minute free-jazz jaunts on electric guitars, fretless bass and african harp...handclapping gospel acoustic blues...vocal drones...molten-heavy face ripping doom metal...but, there is also something here for those of you who prefer the more melodic side of things. Some beautiful guitar harmonies and luscious garage reverbs, all that rad stuff. Those of you who require convincing of such a project should head over to the VCV myspace page to listen to "I'm Ready", which is quite possibly a pinnacle of my entire time served in this band with David.


Of course, for you rabid obsessed Jandek fans (I know you're out there) you can just go straight to the source, and check this record out at our cozy monochrome label INSTALL, because, as Jandek says, "the future's not so bright, but oh, it's the only way you can go..."