Saturday, March 29, 2008

New BG Album - First Draft Sequence

I've been going through fourtrack cassettes this weekend and I'm coming up with alot more material than previously expected for my next record under my own name. What that means is that now it's time to work out a basic sequence for what I'd consider an ideal hour's worth of solid songs from this stuff, and then work out all the kinks over the Summer. Here's the first draft:

1. A Yawning Wind
2. Highschool Guitar
3. Kandy/Kathy
4. Some Hills Are Never Seen
5. Deerfield
6. Gentle Suburban Cares
7. Pine Valley
8. Tapestry Loop
9. Backyard Colored Blue
10. Library Books
11. Star Collector
12. We Walked Home

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mutton Chops

Well, this isn't really a news post per se, but considering this is a blog, it should have some blog-style moments. So for those of you that know me, my beard is gone. It took just under an hour to de-beard myself with a regular shaving razor (nothing fancy and mechanical). Spring has brought with it much warmer days and so the Winter coat must go!

Just had to post about it because it feels pretty nice, and as a bonus, I don't so much look Italian or Jewish (like I did with the beard) but more English instead. Crazy genes.

And no, no photos. Sorry to disappoint anyone reading this but a chin like mine is illegal on the internet!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two New Releases!

3" CD-R Single
Limited edition of 50 copies

The first new Milieu of 2008 is finally here! A 5-track single full of warm melodies, big bass and heavy beats...headlining the affair is the track "Cropduster" from the forthcoming Colortone LP, and backing it up are 3 b-sides and a really playful remix by Mrs Jynx! A mere $5.00 to make your Springtime listening a little more pleasant...

For MP3 Clips & Ordering Info:

Brian Grainger / Ophibre
Split CD-R Album
Limited edition of 50 copies

Another record built just for the Spring...a very warm and surrounding tonal-ambient-noise-drone tapestry woven by my good friend Ophibre and I. We each did three tracks thematically inspired by (you guessed it) a porch. Ophibre's porch turned out more old and rickety than mine, which was screened in and a little humid. For fans of our first tape, or even my Of The Apple and Sun White Sun albums. Each copy comes in a red/orange plastic sleeve with an inkstamped cardstock insert and a small bag of dried leaves. Fill your ears with PORCH! $8.00.

For MP3 Clips & Ordering Info:

**Please note: There are a few other new items listed on the shop page right now. Don't panic when you can't get to them! They are not quite ready to go yet so their pages have not been uploaded...soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out Of Stock / Back In Stock

Just a quick message here to let everyone know that the Coppice Halifax CD-R is now sold out! Thanks to all 60 of you who picked up a copy, I hope you enjoy the music, the swivel-case and the rad keychains!

Back in stock, however, is the Milieu CD-R New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies! I found about 20 extra sleeves without printed discs in them, so I burned 20 more on regular white brandless CD-Rs, and dropped the price down to $8.00. Hopefully any of you who missed out on this record can get one before this second edition is gone as well. After this, I have NO IDEA if or when we'll ever repress this album.


R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

Saturday, March 15, 2008

YTMND & Rad Flash/Animation Stuff


This was done some time ago by Typogra (from Custom Music Records) and I recently found it again while transitioning all my bookmarks and whatnot to a new PC. There isn't a whole lot to it besides the song itself ("Theme" from Sophiesongs) which Typogra told me was his favorite on that album.

Typogra, wherever you are, thank you for immortalizing me on YTMND!

Zombie Dasein

Talented Jason Fletcher has once again used some Milieu/Vhom music in a new animation short called "Zombie Dasein". The Vhom music used is from Salt/Decay, which is not yet released anywhere, and from what I can tell he used snippets of some material from the Milieu self-titled too. The rest of the music in the piece is by NuOpSys, who you may have heard at EED previously, in the online catalog. Thanks Jason for the warped visual experience!

Last but not least, Michael Harden has made a REALLY stylish flash video for "Blue Islands" from the Milieu self-titled. In my opinion, it really captures the whole tropical island evening vibe very very well, so check it out!

Blue Islands (Compressed - Under 1MB)

Blue Islands (Uncompressed - 3MB)

If anyone else who reads this has used Milieu music in any multimedia applications like this, or would like to, please get in touch!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Vhom - Test.Vmx

So, at the request of Dave, who has to regularly hear my antics on the drum machine when he calls me on the phone, I've assembled a not-so-quaint Vhom EP of just myself and a drum machine. 34 minutes of knob-twiddlery that's sure to make you occasionally nod your head as well as scratch it in disbelief. Why would Brian do something like this? It's HORRIBLE! Well, I can't answer that question. This EP is what happens when you put me in a room with a drum machine and alcohol...


1 Test Jam 1 (5:39)
2 Test Jam 2 (3:44)
3 Bonus Beats 1 (8:13)
4 Bonus Beats 2 (3:54)
5 Bonus Electro 1 (2:28)
6 Bonus Electro 2 (9:41)

All music written/recorded/performed by Brian Grainger
Cover photo by Luke Hazard

I honestly think this might appeal to people who think BRTLMN and the Sagmo B crew could stand to sound "more drunk and lo-fi", or to those who just have a morbid fascination with bleeps, squelches, squiggles and basskicks, like myself.