Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remix Appearances

Gabriel has released an album called Sum Of Parts at the ever-awesome Rope Swing Cities label, and it features a remix I did as Coppice Halifax about a year ago for a song called "Sunrise Reef". Track53 also contributed a very nice remix, so go grab it for free from RSC!


Another remix I did about a year ago has been formally released - my "Dub Forecast" version of Saturday Index's song "Partly Cloudy". This track was already previously featured on the Wasted Magic In The Sound remix compilation, also released at Archaic Horizon, because back then it was still previously unreleased. Nonetheless, here it is again, in it's proper place.


A pile of new remixes are also in the process of being released, including adaptations of works by Woodland, Electricwest, Skytree and Loafeye. Stay tuned!

New Coppice Halifax 3"

A brand new Coppice Halifax 3" single is now available! Titled Honeysoil, the 3" features 24 minutes of new music in the form of two tracks - "Honey", a textural ambient-techno piece not unlike something from Cylob's Cylobian Sunset album (that I adore so much), and a 19-minute live version of "Soil" from the upcoming self-titled Coppice Halifax full-length.

Only $5.00 as usual, and currently available in the shop!

For MP3 Samples & Ordering Info: CLICK

Metanoia Media's 50th

For the grand occasion of Metanoia Media's 50th release, I've been asked to contribute to a compilation not once, but twice! Featured with Dissolved, BRTLMN, Quosp, Pisgah, Bazaar and others are two new tracks of mine - the first being "Aeroline", a track from the Milieu vaults, dating back to the Night Currents sessions, and the second being "Quartnie", a brand new Coppice Halifax track that sounds nice and warm and crusty the way it should!

It's been quite a good time working with Metanoia since their launch in 2004, so please be invited to have some cake, put your party hat on and celebrate with us with this free compilation!


Milieu - Our Blue Remixes

The long-rumored Milieu remix album is finally here at last: EED is excited to announce Our Blue Remixes, a very special collection of 12 remixed songs from Milieu's Our Blue Rainbow album. For the occasion, Brian has called in favors from several talented friends to bring their own unique treatments to the traditional Milieu sound.

EOD kicks it off with a sexy rework of "Auroral", bringing steady beats and luscious SH-101 melodies together with his crisp production. "Mellow U" gets a complete free-jazz makeover courtesy of Brian Ellis, and Wisp breaks out some funky breaks and big bass on an epic version of "Kieran Moth". From there we are plunged into Ourson's murky swamp treatment of "My Friend The Dawn", Am-Boy's neon-glowing summertime LSD trip "Days Behind", and Photophob's playful dance take on "Tiffany Lane". Brian himself steps into the lineup, turning out a textural ambient-techno version of "Alvin Sparks" under his Coppice Halifax moniker, then Eluder takes over for a few minutes with an insectoid mix of "Blue Rainbow". Finally, the drugs seem to kick in with David Tagg's lush and homesick "Starview" remix, bringing to mind images of a humid summer night in the south, off a backwoods dirt road, missing someone you love. Dissolved gracefully picks up where David ends, building alien melodies and loops from "For Katie Asleep On The Bus", giving way to a beautiful pastoral remix of "Glasshill", sounding pretty and pink as only Mrs. Jynx can. Finally, Adam Pacione takes the honor of closing this varied compilation with a sleepy 12-minute meditation on "Rainy Daylight", crumbling the original song into nothing more than a lonesome, whispery drone.

We at EED have never heard a better remix record, and we think you might agree once you give this one a spin. Limited to exactly 100 copies with very psychedelic artwork done by David and Brian, preorder it today!

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Milieu - Airbus

The nice folks over at the Cold Room netlabel recently asked me for a song to include on their brand new Drifting Skywards 3 compilation, and that song ended up being "Airbus", which is kind of a slow, ambient techno Milieu track with pianos and synths over a steady beat and wet bass. The song is a renovated piece that was originally a demo for my Tandem Series 5 split with Env(itre) at Boltfish.

DS3 is a free download and includes brand new music by Bauri, Flotel, Zainetica, Crisopa and several others! Go check it out!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pink Space - Odds 'N' Clods

That's right, kids! Just what you had nightmares about - a new Pink Space album!

Odds 'N' Clods is a retrospective compilation of thirty-five outtakes, remixes, orphaned tracks, rejects and flat out crappy songs. Remastered and shined-up so that you're fooled into thinking it's a proper album, complete with disgusting new artwork by Jack Rabbit. Hey! It's better than a video!

You can download it for free from thee good Captain Buckhorn, because let's face it - we wouldn't pay for music like this and neither would you.


Brian Grainger - Silver Surfaces Washed White

Out now on the new Install label!

Second in the Installation series, Brian Grainger visits uncomfortably loud territory on Silver Surfaces Washed White. Thick masses of white noise and analog feedback form long, monochromatic clusters of crumbling sound. Initially sourced from cassettes of various abstract pieces Brian recorded for the Sun-Day boxset, these are the remnants of a completely corrosive musical process that is as fascinating as it is unsettling. Best when played at high volume! Limited to 50 copies.

$8 for orders within the US
$10 for orders outside the US

For MP3 clips: CLICK
For ordering info: CLICK

Brian Grainger - Chrominance

Brian Grainger returns from an overseas performance in Germany with the newest addition to the 21MG Series, Chrominance. A buzzing, vibrating wall
of feedback, drowned under slabs of subtly pitch shifting delays. What could be an incidental soundtrack to a submarine visiting underwater cathedrals, Chrominance is yet another 21 minute fuzzed-sidetrack for your day.

$7 for orders within the US

$8 for orders outside the US

For ordering info:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Home From Germany

The show went extremely well! I had some RAM issues with the laptop and a couple files got corrupted somehow, so aside from a few glitches that messed up 2 tracks, the set sounded great! A soundboard recording does exist, but I'm mastering it currently. The system the club had sounded excellent, and it really made the Milieu stuff sound HUGE with all the bass and breaks!

The rest of the performers were all great, my personal favorites being Yimino (the two nicest guys ever), Wouter Van Veldhoven, Erik Skodvin (who performed as Svarte Greiner), Yagya from Iceland, Philip Jeck and Macc from the UK who played an intense drum and bass set on an actual drumkit! CDs were traded, conversations were many and now it's safe to say alot of us will be trying to do a few creative things together now that we've all met. We also couldn't have done it without help from Dina, Andreas and Andy, who were some of the coolest people to have around!

The Yimino boys were kind enough to film three songs from my liveset, which you can watch at Youtube here:

"Slowfade High Five" from In Hills Made Of Clouds &
"Alice Flagg" from New Drugs

"Plume Train" from New Drugs

As you might expect, while we were there, we ate alot of German food, which surprisingly enough was very similar to American food here in the south. Alot of meats, potatoes, gravies, cheese and pasta. Great stuff! I really could live there just for the food.

And another word about Yimino - we have so much in common musically and so I really think everyone who enjoys beat-based Milieu stuff would get something good out of their work too. I highly recommend checking them out at http://myspace.com/yiminomusic

Again, thank you SO much to everyone who donated - you will all receive something special in your mailboxes in the coming weeks. It may take a while as I'm waiting on a few things to happen before I can mail anything to you, but rest assured you will get something!