Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Sublabel - CO_RD Tapes

You read it correctly - I've started the first proper "sublabel" of Milieu Music: CO_RD Tapes! This label will be cassette-only releases of ambient/guitar-based music with a very cozy home-time aesthetic. Think lots of pastoral field recordings under sometimes-pretty, sometimes-sad, sometimes-droney guitar playing, soaked in 10-acre reverbs and bundled up in a warm analog format with some colorful photographs to get your listening mind in the right place. These tapes will be STRICTLY limited runs of 25 blue tapes each, and the music is totally new and exclusive. For people who enjoyed things like Sun White Sun, Eight Thousander or Of The Apple, these tapes are a must-listen! The first cassette, Appalachian/White Deer, is already out, so check it out!

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