Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brian Grainger - Live On Phoning It In

There's this really unique radio show out of Davis, CA called Phoning It In, where they call an artist up, talk to them for a couple minutes, and then have them play live over the phone. Being as into the lo-fi as I am, I couldn't say no when they asked me to come on the show. The whole drunken conversation and live piece were caught on tape and uploaded to the Phoning It In website, so if you like some heavy midrange in your stereo from time to time, this would be for you. Here's what they had to say about it:

Brian Grainger phones it in from Columbia, SC. Ridiculously prolific doesn't even begin to describe Brian's work ethic, with almost two hundred releases under at least eight different names (Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Teenager, Vhom, Pink Space, etc.); to top it off he also has a hand in three labels and a mailorder distro. But that's all beside the point: what's on the phone? Dense, beautiful drone that resolves satisfyingly into emotive, detuned guitar. Noise devolving into song, instead of the other way around. So good!

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