Monday, January 18, 2010

Teenager - Smiling Faces/Beautiful Places

Just a small update here to announce one very special new thing: the Childhood's End Preservation Society, or CEPS. This "don't call-it-a-label" imprint now coexists alongside Milieu Music specifically for the purpose of releasing selected works from a gigantic archive of cassette-tape recordings, originating from 1983 to the present. Literally a few hundred tapes...recordings my father made when I was a child, band rehearsals, demos, weird experiments, field recordings, everything. Since I was 14 I obsessively taped everything and CEPS is an effort to preserve that material digitally, before the tapes themselves fall apart.

So where is this massive archive of tapes, you ask? Well, for the moment, while it is still being digitized and cultivated, it is private. However there will be a "storefront" aspect to CEPS as well, which will offer selections from the archives in super-special limited edition packages, as time goes on. Eventually the archive will be a public deal, and I have not quite sorted out how to handle that yet, but for the time being, here is all you really need to know:

Lathe-cut 8" EP
Limited edition of 40 copies


The first CEPS release, from the session tapes for my Nine Billion Names album, is a super-limited affair pressed to a lathe hand-cut in New Zealand. Two acoustic songs, each with little codas, that literally and figuratively connect the Nine Billion Names album with my upcoming Summer's Parting Ways release at Attacknine. Payment and shipping of this item is handled by Plastic Log in New Zealand and does NOT go to me, so don't freak out when your money isn't going to the Milieu Music address. Due to the nature of the lathe-cut vinyl, there are really only 40 copies of this EP in existence so if you're keen on getting one, quickness is advised.


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