Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1983 [Expanded Reissue]

In 2006, I started the first official Milieu side-project, Coppice Halifax, with a conceptual ambient techno album called 1983. Now, four years later, I've given this album a definitive release after being out of print for so long. Themes of wet lakeside humidity and deep forest green drones, caked in tape hiss and over-compression still sound remarkably fresh today, despite the many changes Coppice Halifax as a project has gone through. Packed to the brim on a 120(!) minute cassette tape, this compendium includes all four original tracks, two bonus tracks from the EED promo CD-R, five previously unreleased tracks from the sessions and a live version of "Lake Busbee" from an ambient house party I did in 2006. All tracks were retrieved and remastered from the original cassettes, which is why I chose to keep the cassette format for this music. Available digitally as well as on 30 hand-numbered cassettes. Don't miss out!


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