Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Better late than never! Most of you reading probably already have this one, but it's not been posted here yet so here goes.

A new Milieu EP for the holidays, although you won't find any "traditional" holiday songs here...all 100% original Milieu. So basically you can probably safely enjoy this one year round. It's released as a "name your own price" sort of thing, so you can either buy me a cup of coffee or just download it for free and be on your merry way. Either way, head over to my Bandcamp page to pick it up!

P.S. You can still grab the last two years' holiday EPs for free too! MMC001 and MMC002!

P.P.S. - For the collectors among you, I've been asked by a few folks if I plan to make a hardcopy version of Icepak available: I will likely put a handful together once I'm set up in my new office soon, so watch the mailing list for the announcement!

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