Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interview From Augsburg

For anyone who wants a laugh, I recently received the recording of the complete interview I did while in Germany last October. The entire situation was pretty funny and surreal...literally as soon as we walked up to the hostel we were staying in, these three German university students all yelled "BRIAN!" and ran over to us. I had agreed previously in email to do the interview if they had beer, but of course drinking beer compounded with the jetlag of a 10 hour flight did not make for a very easy interview. Needless to say, we all had a good time and as soon as it was over, I promptly went upstairs, ate a sandwich and slept for almost 15 hours.

As a side note, this is the complete unedited interview. There is an edited version featured on CD-R copies of the liveset that was what these guys ended up using for their Lab30 livestream. I would've included this version on the CD-R but unfortunately they only gave me their edit before and I couldn't wait any longer at the time to press those CD-Rs up.


Also, here are some photos from the liveset that I hadn't thought to upload until now...


wolfchoir said...

my family is from augsburg (my last name is augspurger). I heard its pure "castle days" there. --robbie from the cowboys from sweden

nancilurene1 said...

hi there brian! what a nice writeup about yourself. i listened to your music this week. very nice! how wonderful to be able to make your dreams come, aunt nanci