Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obligatory/Inevitable New Year's Post

Of course, no new year is complete without a happy (if not late) New Year's message from Milieu! Actually, you could probably do without all my talking so let's just get to the point - I want to thank everyone who has continually helped support me this year, no tacky naming of names, but you all know who you are. Everyone who donated for Germany, bought all my crazed output, downloaded it, blogged about it, whatever. It all helps keep this stuff going! So, as a little thanks, here's a song, just for you...

Coppice Halifax - Lush Q

This is a totally fun, one-off track I did when I was a bit drunk and trying to channel some Cylobian Sunset and DMX Krew (aren't I always?), so check it out!

Needless to say, you can healthily expect 2008 to be chock-full of more Brian Grainger musical overdriving. There's already a ton of stuff in the works, and a few things leftover from 2007 that were meant to be released last year. I'll also say it was pretty awesome to have taken all of 2007 off from making Milieu records...I got the chance to really explore alot of other territories with other projects and collaborations, and now I'm already kicking the Milieu tunes back out again! Not gonna say too much, but over 30-something tracks have been laid to tape and a solid 10 track album with one or two 3" singles is already imminent. The word "vinyl" has been floating around the EED HQ as well...

Happy 2008!

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