Monday, February 25, 2008

Coppice Halifax - EEDCD-08

The long-rumored and much overdue full-length CD from Coppice Halifax has finally arrived! 77 minutes of wet leaves, shorelines, treebark, smoke, lumber yards, woodshops, erosion and sunshine, all fit together like rusty puzzle-pieces to form 5 longform collages. Incubated in the humid south since 2006, and picking up where 1983 left off, Coppice Halifax shares the same family tree as other works by Brian, such as Eight Thousander or some of the more textural Milieu releases. Live guitars and organs sit in dusty corners of the stereo field, scattered bits of dialogue and percussion filter through the grainy haze of outdoor sounds and vinyl surface noise, and somehow melodies that sound as old as the rings on a tree-stump emerge from the din, painting a unique tapestry of music that is equal parts ambient-cornerstone and lo-fi cassette tape bliss. Limited to just 60 hand-assembled copies in the EED trademark swivel-case, with David Tagg's signature design making it a truly special affair. Topped off with a cool 83 keychain that your friends are sure to be jealous of!

Only $12.50 to anywhere in the world!

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EDIT: As of my writing this tonight, David and I realized that we burnt an unfinished version of track four (Second Lake/Beach Glass) on all sixty discs! Not too terrible of a mistake (Second Lake is the track that appears on the discs, Beach Glass was a short 2 and a half minute addendum that was left off accidentally) but still one worth noting here. As we've only done 60 of these, we'll probably repress it later somewhere down the line, and rest assured the proper version of this track will appear there, but until then, the least we can do is offer all of you an MP3 of the finished piece!

Coppice Halifax - Second Lake/Beach Glass

Only thirty or so of these discs remain as I type this, so grab one while you still can!

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