Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sawdust Aromatics

Recorded last Autumn, the Sawdust Aromatics split between myself and David Tagg has finally been released at Rope Swing Cities! With yet another rad photo by Luke Hazard, both David and I did two pieces to make up between 20-30 minutes of music for the album. David's pieces are a rare treat - he actually did some overdubbing, which he never does, and my pieces are both very melodic and full of guitars and organ-bass. In fact, my track "Summer's Parting Ways" is actually a different/longer version of a song called "Library Books" which will appear on my next Attacknine album.

1. Brian Grainger - Summer's Parting Ways (15:22)
2. David Tagg - Autumn Harmonic Mirage (8:25)
3. Brian Grainger - Brittle Harvest Memory (6:02)
4. David Tagg - A Vision Through Cloth (21:04)

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