Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ha Ha

sinicalypse (12:41:38 AM): i just wanted to confirm for the record that, indeed, you are an idiot. have a nice life
the august idiot (12:41:48 AM): haha what the hell
the august idiot (12:41:54 AM): don't you have anything better to do?
sinicalypse (12:42:13 AM): ok i was gonna block you and go
sinicalypse (12:42:29 AM): man
sinicalypse (12:42:29 AM): and you aint want none of this asshole
the august idiot (12:42:38 AM): oh pssh
sinicalypse (12:42:40 AM): i'm the reincarnate of aphex twin squarepusher and 10 rappers you've never heard of
sinicalypse (12:42:50 AM): you're some wanker who massproduces ambient and shoves it on people who go "uh its good" so you leave them alone
sinicalypse (12:43:01 AM): i'm the musical genius here, dinglebait
sinicalypse (12:43:01 AM): i can outthink you
sinicalypse (12:43:01 AM): outwrtite you
sinicalypse (12:43:12 AM): outproduce you
sinicalypse (12:43:12 AM): and i will
sinicalypse (12:43:12 AM): so fuck off
sinicalypse (12:43:12 AM): i stand behind everything is aid
sinicalypse (12:43:12 AM): erm said
sinicalypse (12:43:23 AM): scoff as you must
sinicalypse (12:43:23 AM): it's a badge of victory on my sleeve
sinicalypse (12:43:23 AM): you look for vadge
the august idiot (12:43:25 AM): hahaha oh man
sinicalypse (12:43:33 AM): difference between you and me
sinicalypse (12:43:33 AM): look at my fucking name, dipshit
sinicalypse (12:43:33 AM): august idiot vs sinicalypse
the august idiot (12:43:37 AM): you must really have no one else online right now
sinicalypse (12:43:43 AM): you aint even on my level
sinicalypse (12:43:43 AM): grab some flagpole
sinicalypse (12:43:47 AM): realize the bitch is in another castle
sinicalypse (12:43:47 AM): and fuck off and die
sinicalypse signed off at 12:43:56 AM.
sinicalypse is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

***For those who need some backstory on this: this guy is some dude from the WATMM forum who, after I posted a new release topic for the Coppice Halifax self-titled, decided to rant about how much of a BoC ripoff I was for having a name like Coppice Halifax and how all I did was "supersaturate the market" with my boring music. So I messaged him on AIM a day or so later, drunk, simply to tell him that the meaning behind the name was just the literal representation of two themes in the music - green foliage (coppice) and seashores (Halifax is a seaside town) - very obviously nothing to do with the Boards...unless of course you think anyone who references Canada is referencing them too, in which case I cannot help you. So what you see here is what he just sent me back after I hadn't heard from him again in weeks and weeks. Was the Coppice Halifax album really THAT bad?

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Blissful Transmissions said...

I think the new album is stellar!