Friday, May 16, 2008

25 25 25

Well as of today I am officially 25 years old! Actually to be more specific I was born via C-section at almost 6 PM today. I was considerably late and I still to this day believe that is the real reason why I always oversleep and can never make a date on time. I still have no real plans apart from a dinner with Sophia somewhere nice. Maybe some wine.

Also, the first official Milieu video has been uploaded to Youtube! Shot by the talented Michael James Whelan using only Super 8 film, it's a fairly simple video of a drive through the Irish countryside as the sun goes down. I asked Michael to pick whatever track on my Colortone album he wanted to do a video for, and he picked "Pillow Whiter". My only request was that he get something very colorful and organic, and that's exactly what it is!

Youtube Link

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