Sunday, June 15, 2008

Help Thisket!

I have just found out that my musicmaking pal Thisket returned to his Louisiana home to find it had been broken into and completely raided, and to add insult to injury, the thieves left his water running so his entire house was flooded as well. This sadly includes all of his music equipment - synths, drum machines, the whole bit - GONE. Thankfully, they had insurance on the house and that *should* cover a number of things that *should* bring Mr. Williams' life back to normal (hopefully), but unfortunately most of you probably understand how little insurance companies really care and how little he'll probably get back for his equipment.

So with that said, I urge any and all of you to go visit Daniel's shop page, where you can buy really cool hand-decorated and lossless-master-sourced CD-Rs and cassettes of his releases. He's made alot of really top-notch music in my opinion and most of it has gone criminally underappreciated. All of his shop items are very cheap ($5 plus shipping) and you'd not only be directly supporting an artist, but also REALLY helping him get back on his feet after this awful disaster. You can check out his super-easy and reasonable shop page here:

(I highly recommend "NMB")

And you can even download three of his albums for free here:

("The Golden Afternoon" and "Summer Revue" are simply two of the best webrelease albums ever made)

Anyway, please help Daniel out. He's a really awesome guy and a talented musician who really could better the world with more stunning bedroom techno!

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