Sunday, August 30, 2009

Milieu - Swaying Palms

Long rumored, delayed, picked up, canceled and revised – Swaying Palms, for better or worse, has arrived! This is the album I labored so hard over in the Spring-Summer of 2008 that was originally slated to be released at Consumers Research & Development before they (sadly) closed their doors.

Containing some of the freshest Milieu ever recorded, Swaying Palms is a tropical trip through bright rainbow melodies, tight clean drum breaks and bass grooves that sound like an Ibiza party slowed down to half speed. Super equatorial music here, virtually dripping with humidity, psychedelic sunsets and exotic locales filled with blue water, mixed drinks, hammocks and free love. Definitely the Milieu record to have for the Summer!

I've only made 100 copies of these, and the first 25 came with a special surprise (which is already gone at the moment I type this), so get in fast if you don't want to miss out! Each copy has been assembled with different designs (following in the Milieu Music tradition of vintage wallpaper) so no two copies are alike.

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