Monday, August 31, 2009

New Drugs [Luxurious Expanded Reissue]

So the lovely folks at I, Absentee have reissued my 2007 album New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies, with 8 bonus tracks (3 previously unreleased), all remastered from the original tapes and packaged up in kinky new artwork (with naked 70's women!). I only pressed 100 copies of this album back in 2007 and it's always been one of my personal favorites, so I'm quite happy to see it back again.

If anyone missed out on this before, or is new to the album, the sound could be described as melodic psychedelic bedroom electronic music with jazz and funk breaks from the 60s-70s and big humming basslines, tied together with some live instrumentation. Two tracks even feature the world-famous Luke Hazard! Here's what I, Absentee had to say about the release:
After appearing on no less than five releases with us already, Milieu had pretty much become an honorary member of the roster. So it seemed a natural leap for him to finally have his own release with us. The 2007 album,New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies, seemed like the perfect place to start.

The album, considered by Milieu one of his personal favorite works amongst his vast catalog, has long been out of print and sold out. It showcases Milieu at his most beat-oriented and melodic, with twenty tracks of hazy, nostalgic rhythms clocking in at over seventy-nine minutes. We barely managed to keep it a single disc release.

New Drugs has been freshly remastered, with all new artwork. Eight bonus tracks have been added, including Milieu's complete half of The Tandem Series 5 disc for the excellent Boltfish label. The album is capped off with three previously unreleased tracks from the era.

Anyone who's followed the label should be quite familiar with Milieu at this point. New Drugs is truly one of the standout discs of his prolific body of work and we are excited to bring it back into circulation. Check out thecatalog page for several sound clips and a free download of the track 'Echo Spectrum'. The album should also be available through Norman Records, n5md, Smallfish and, for the first time in Japan at Linus Records.

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