Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Workingman's Drone Box Set

After all twelve Workingman's Drone EPs were released last year, and the series drew to a close, I set out to find or build the perfect box to hold the whole set. After some searching and work, I've assembled a rustic lidded brown box with stickers that is priced for the working man. Now all 12 EPs from last year's series are available along with the box for only $50. Compare that to the original price of all 12 EPs ($72) and you know you're getting a bargain. The best you've ever had? You might say so when you find the bonus 13th EP inside your box. "Lavender Billows" is an exclusive WD EP only available with this box set. Additionally, those of you who have collected all 12 EPs throughout the year as they were released will be happy to hear you can get the empty box and the 13th EP for only $10. For a limited time, probably a month or so, all 12 EPs will still be available separately. Anyone looking to complete their WD set is advised to do so soon. After this, only the boxsets and digital versions will be available!

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