Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recycled Plastics / Phe_

A new (sub)label and a new moniker, at the same time! I'd like to introduce everyone reading this to Recycled Plastics, my new imprint for braindance and bedroom ambient music! And how is that so much different than what's here at Milieu Music, you ask? The aim of Recycled Plastics is, in effect, to pick up where we left off with Expanding Electronic Diversity in 2009. Short runs of limited editions, classy minimal design sense and a refined definition of quality electronic music. It will also be a different beast in the presentation of releases by other artists, and not just yours truly. Indeed, I do have a handful of projects slated for release at RP, but you can look forward to even more music by many of my talented friends: Wisp, Mrs Jynx, EOD, Casio Commander, Ndru, Fieldtriqp, David Tagg, Ourson and others!

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Kicking off the new imprint is the self-titled album by Phe_ - forty minutes of braindancey ambient techno atmospheres backed by forty minutes of stellar remixes by Wisp, Mrs Jynx, EOD, David Tagg, Night Sequels, Casio Commander and UK DJ Simon Meredith. Additionally, the Phe_ album is a fundraiser item: Recently one of the Milieu Music HQ cats Basil was diagnosed with a lymphoma the size of a football, and so anyone who donates $12 or more to his chemotherapy fund here will receive the Phe_ CD-R delivered straight to their door as a thank you. Of course, you can just pay for the CD-R or the digital version like any other release and still acquire all the Phe_ you can handle...but think of Basil! If there is something that goes better with braindance than cats, I know it not.

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