Sunday, November 4, 2007

Home From Germany

The show went extremely well! I had some RAM issues with the laptop and a couple files got corrupted somehow, so aside from a few glitches that messed up 2 tracks, the set sounded great! A soundboard recording does exist, but I'm mastering it currently. The system the club had sounded excellent, and it really made the Milieu stuff sound HUGE with all the bass and breaks!

The rest of the performers were all great, my personal favorites being Yimino (the two nicest guys ever), Wouter Van Veldhoven, Erik Skodvin (who performed as Svarte Greiner), Yagya from Iceland, Philip Jeck and Macc from the UK who played an intense drum and bass set on an actual drumkit! CDs were traded, conversations were many and now it's safe to say alot of us will be trying to do a few creative things together now that we've all met. We also couldn't have done it without help from Dina, Andreas and Andy, who were some of the coolest people to have around!

The Yimino boys were kind enough to film three songs from my liveset, which you can watch at Youtube here:

"Slowfade High Five" from In Hills Made Of Clouds &
"Alice Flagg" from New Drugs

"Plume Train" from New Drugs

As you might expect, while we were there, we ate alot of German food, which surprisingly enough was very similar to American food here in the south. Alot of meats, potatoes, gravies, cheese and pasta. Great stuff! I really could live there just for the food.

And another word about Yimino - we have so much in common musically and so I really think everyone who enjoys beat-based Milieu stuff would get something good out of their work too. I highly recommend checking them out at

Again, thank you SO much to everyone who donated - you will all receive something special in your mailboxes in the coming weeks. It may take a while as I'm waiting on a few things to happen before I can mail anything to you, but rest assured you will get something!

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