Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Milieu - Our Blue Remixes

The long-rumored Milieu remix album is finally here at last: EED is excited to announce Our Blue Remixes, a very special collection of 12 remixed songs from Milieu's Our Blue Rainbow album. For the occasion, Brian has called in favors from several talented friends to bring their own unique treatments to the traditional Milieu sound.

EOD kicks it off with a sexy rework of "Auroral", bringing steady beats and luscious SH-101 melodies together with his crisp production. "Mellow U" gets a complete free-jazz makeover courtesy of Brian Ellis, and Wisp breaks out some funky breaks and big bass on an epic version of "Kieran Moth". From there we are plunged into Ourson's murky swamp treatment of "My Friend The Dawn", Am-Boy's neon-glowing summertime LSD trip "Days Behind", and Photophob's playful dance take on "Tiffany Lane". Brian himself steps into the lineup, turning out a textural ambient-techno version of "Alvin Sparks" under his Coppice Halifax moniker, then Eluder takes over for a few minutes with an insectoid mix of "Blue Rainbow". Finally, the drugs seem to kick in with David Tagg's lush and homesick "Starview" remix, bringing to mind images of a humid summer night in the south, off a backwoods dirt road, missing someone you love. Dissolved gracefully picks up where David ends, building alien melodies and loops from "For Katie Asleep On The Bus", giving way to a beautiful pastoral remix of "Glasshill", sounding pretty and pink as only Mrs. Jynx can. Finally, Adam Pacione takes the honor of closing this varied compilation with a sleepy 12-minute meditation on "Rainy Daylight", crumbling the original song into nothing more than a lonesome, whispery drone.

We at EED have never heard a better remix record, and we think you might agree once you give this one a spin. Limited to exactly 100 copies with very psychedelic artwork done by David and Brian, preorder it today!

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