Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remix Appearances

Gabriel has released an album called Sum Of Parts at the ever-awesome Rope Swing Cities label, and it features a remix I did as Coppice Halifax about a year ago for a song called "Sunrise Reef". Track53 also contributed a very nice remix, so go grab it for free from RSC!


Another remix I did about a year ago has been formally released - my "Dub Forecast" version of Saturday Index's song "Partly Cloudy". This track was already previously featured on the Wasted Magic In The Sound remix compilation, also released at Archaic Horizon, because back then it was still previously unreleased. Nonetheless, here it is again, in it's proper place.


A pile of new remixes are also in the process of being released, including adaptations of works by Woodland, Electricwest, Skytree and Loafeye. Stay tuned!

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