Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two New Releases!

3" CD-R Single
Limited edition of 50 copies

The first new Milieu of 2008 is finally here! A 5-track single full of warm melodies, big bass and heavy beats...headlining the affair is the track "Cropduster" from the forthcoming Colortone LP, and backing it up are 3 b-sides and a really playful remix by Mrs Jynx! A mere $5.00 to make your Springtime listening a little more pleasant...

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Brian Grainger / Ophibre
Split CD-R Album
Limited edition of 50 copies

Another record built just for the Spring...a very warm and surrounding tonal-ambient-noise-drone tapestry woven by my good friend Ophibre and I. We each did three tracks thematically inspired by (you guessed it) a porch. Ophibre's porch turned out more old and rickety than mine, which was screened in and a little humid. For fans of our first tape, or even my Of The Apple and Sun White Sun albums. Each copy comes in a red/orange plastic sleeve with an inkstamped cardstock insert and a small bag of dried leaves. Fill your ears with PORCH! $8.00.

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1 comment:

k forest said...

Anxiously awaiting the Cropduster EP. It's turning out to be a really good year for electronic music. MBM and The Black Dog just dropped some killer albums. Should we expect a full-length Milieu outing this year?

-- Greg