Saturday, March 15, 2008

YTMND & Rad Flash/Animation Stuff


This was done some time ago by Typogra (from Custom Music Records) and I recently found it again while transitioning all my bookmarks and whatnot to a new PC. There isn't a whole lot to it besides the song itself ("Theme" from Sophiesongs) which Typogra told me was his favorite on that album.

Typogra, wherever you are, thank you for immortalizing me on YTMND!

Zombie Dasein

Talented Jason Fletcher has once again used some Milieu/Vhom music in a new animation short called "Zombie Dasein". The Vhom music used is from Salt/Decay, which is not yet released anywhere, and from what I can tell he used snippets of some material from the Milieu self-titled too. The rest of the music in the piece is by NuOpSys, who you may have heard at EED previously, in the online catalog. Thanks Jason for the warped visual experience!

Last but not least, Michael Harden has made a REALLY stylish flash video for "Blue Islands" from the Milieu self-titled. In my opinion, it really captures the whole tropical island evening vibe very very well, so check it out!

Blue Islands (Compressed - Under 1MB)

Blue Islands (Uncompressed - 3MB)

If anyone else who reads this has used Milieu music in any multimedia applications like this, or would like to, please get in touch!

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