Saturday, September 6, 2008

EED's Summer Vacation '08

I've recently had the pleasure of banding together with a bunch of friends who happen to be brilliant musicians and assembling a really awesome compilation of Summer-toned electronic music. Some of my very favorite people contributed to this disc, so check it out! From EED:

Summer is ending, and here at EED we've had a really eventful season. Everyone is eager for Autumn to come, ready for the leaves to change color and for the air to get a little cooler. So before that happens, we'd like to offer you a family photo album of sorts, to look back on what all of us did this Summer: The EED Summer Vacation compilation album of 2008!

Everyone from the EED-family-and-friends makes an appearance here...playful sunny melodies and beats from Mrs Jynx, Am-Boy, Milieu, EOD and Obfusc play alongside cleancut and grassy-green organic techno from Electricwest, Y
imino, Ten And Tracer and Thisket, with homegrown suntanned sleepy pieces from David Tagg, Canyon Country, Biathalon and Coppice Halifax closing the showcase. Lots of accessible feel-good music to go around for everyone, the end of Summer has never been so action-packed! So grab a copy, curl up with your loved one or go for a walk and enjoy the season change, EED style!

All orders will start shipping the week of September 8th.

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