Saturday, September 6, 2008

Milieu Meets Euki, The Psychedelic Eco Warrior

Trailer For Euki

The good folks behind Isoceles have concocted yet another warped visual experience, and graciously included some of my music in their efforts. Some info from the creators:

"EuKi is a rebellious hyper-active teenage hacker living in the near future, where both the most positive possibilities, and the most negative, have become manifest in two separate competing worlds; Ecotopia and Dystopia. She uses a self-programmed PDA and her intellectual robo-cat SupaKitty to hack the dimensions of the world around her and fight to restore balance to Earth’s teetering eco-systems."

Additionally, they have also informed me that their previous installment "Zombie Dasein" has been updated as well. This short-film also features music of mine fleshed together in an interesting way, so for those who have not seen it, check it out here.

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