Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nine Billion Names

The long-awaited Nine Billion Names album is finally here. The album Brian started recording as far back as the Eight Thousander sessions, and also the record he has always intended to be written especially for Second Sun. Musically it covers alot of guitar-heavy epic 70 minute record that cycles through somber drone-beds, backwoods acoustics, gigantic distorted slabs of doom and beautiful bent melodies looping forever. Occasionally through the haze you can make out organs, basslines and field recordings that echo the album's cozy home cover art. This is Brian's first full-length at SSR under his own name, and as such we'd like to consider it his first proper solo album here, with unified concepts of art, sound, memories, locations and numbers all planted firmly in place. It's a very sad record that sounds like it's trying to find its way home again, even though it already knows that place no longer exists. Perfect listening for the advent of Autumn.


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