Thursday, September 20, 2007

Attacknine - 13 Weeks Of Summer

This Summer, the consistently impressive (and influential to me) Attacknine Records started a project called The 13 Weeks Of Summer, where the aim was to release new ambient music in the form of "singles" by various artists that you could download for only 99 cents each. SSR was lucky enough to be asked several times to contribute to 13 Weeks, and since the series has just now finished, I thought I'd post some information about all the tracks we gave to them.

  • Milieu - Glossy Ceramic Harmonies
This track was recorded during the Eight Thousander sessions, but was left off of the record for being too long (9 minutes), as well as being more effected in post, as opposed to being completely live and improvised like the rest of the album. It's very pretty, guitar based, and would appeal to fans of Eight Thousander or Of The Apple.

  • VCV - Barefoot Blues
This was actually a Teenager song, originally, and Teenager-recorded versions of it exist and will probably be released on later tapes. This version was laid down in a more freeform, loose way, with an electric guitar in the garage one hot day. Ending up much longer than any Teenager track would ever be, I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I called David up and we decided that he should play some slide guitar over it and we could just make it a VCV track. So here it is...very reminiscent of our cover of Jandek's "I'm Ready", which was also recorded around the same time. Pretty and sad.

  • David Tagg - Nautical Dusk
David recorded this live on electric guitar and two reel-to-reels, set up in a similar fashion as Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics". There's actually a full album of material from this session, which has yet to be titled and will most likely see a release at SSR. I mastered it for him, and it turned out quite beautifully. Another example of David's wonderful way with a guitar.

  • VCV - Live Drone Three
This was an impromptu jam David and I played the day he arrived here with Melissa on their vacation in May. David holds down the guitar and I played bass, and there's actually a subtle beat carried on my organ's drums. Quite shoegazey, and 13 minutes long to boot. Because of the drums, we never would've included this on a VCV album, but it luckily found a proper home at Attacknine!

  • Brian Grainger - Tortoiseshell (Live 09-24-2006)
As the title indicates, this was recorded live in late 2006 on electric guitar and chimes. Clocking in at around half an hour, this sat around in the Brian vault for a long time before a good opportunity for it to be released finally came along.

In addition to our contributions, there's also a ton of great material there by The Surf The Sundried, The White Lodge, Manual, William Fowler Collins and others! Go check it out!



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