Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photoplay Music

This is a record I did earlier this Spring, during an evening thunderstorm. With the window to my bedroom open, I set up two microphones, one as a room mic and the other in the open window, recording the storm. Both microphones were then run through double delay effects and some compression, and while the storm poured on outside, the sounds of my wooden and metal chimes on the porch played along with my improvising on various instruments inside the room. The result is
Photoplay Music, a textural, lonesome listening experience that's perfect for putting in your stereo while reading a book or napping this Fall. Also great in headphones, as the double delays move around quite a bit.

I've put together a pile of them on hand-decorated CD-Rs, available only through my Milieu shop for $5.00! To listen to MP3 clips and order one, go here:


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