Saturday, September 15, 2007

Teenager C30

The first cassette-only release at SSR is now out! Housed in David Tagg's distinct and unique printed canvas, with high-quality decals on the tape itself. Looks and feels quite lovely!

Here is what SSR had to say about the music:

Half an hour of lo-fi instrumental folk and blues guitar songs that Brian recorded as far back as 1997. All of it has been harvested from hours and hours of recordings in various states of wear, most of it on old tapes with little more than a year or a location written on the labels. The sound of Teenager largely reflects the bare-bones acoustic songwriting that has always been at the heart of all of Brian's music, yet nothing this raw and primitive has ever been released until now. The playing is untrained, but melodic and endearing in a very homemade way. Recommended listening for the onset of Autumn and slow aimless driving through the country. This is intimate music that has been steeped in the southern landscape and reaches deep from the fading histories of a poor southern boy.

These are $6.00 each, plus shipping and handling, and you can pick yours up here:


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