Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions

Last year around Winter, my friend Fieldtriqp and I were discussing the possibilities of an experiment. I've always loved his music, specifically his melodies, and we thought it would be an interesting project if I built an ambient record out of sampling his beatless melodic moments in Fieldtriqp songs. Files were transferred, and a good bit of the unreleased Fieldtriqp catalog was mined strictly with this album in mind. What resulted became The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions, an atmospheric take on my own and Fieldtriqp's music. Very desolate and pretty at times, despite being mostly blurred out, unintelligible drones and massive, glacial chord changes.

As usual, I made a handful of these on hand-decorated CD-Rs, each only $5.00 in my shop. For MP3 clips and order information, click here:


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